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What kind of browser is your grandmother using?

Maybe we could figure out how to have it display any site with an accessible design (like this one, thank you, Typepad) in bold-face. (Or she could simply set the default type size larger - might that help?) I know it's possible with the Mozilla variants. Then you can go back to non-boldface for everyone else.

This template is a good one in that it accomodates different needs (larger type, etc.) very well - one of the goals of standards-based web development.

A. Rickey

You could always do what I do: have a site w/ multiple stylesheets. One stylesheet displays the whole site in bold... :)


This may seem overly simple, but most browsers have an setting (often under View) to increase or decrease text size. I tried it under IE and Firefox and it works with your blog just fine.

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