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That is interesting that you made that note about the Yankees fan. Are you a true-blue red sox fan? Do you consider yourself a true Maine-iac , or even New Englander, even though you don't have the requisite number of generations of ancestors here?


I'm not particularly a baseball fan myself, and don't keep track of who's playing or doing well or anything like that. I have only the vaguest interest in the Red Sox doing well (it means people around here will be in good moods) and only the mildest abstract wish that the Yankees will lose. But most of the lawyers hanging around the bar were more fervent Red Sox fans and they made something of a big deal of Mr. Baseball's affiliation. It was kind of hard to miss....


One's tendencies towards the Sox or the Evil Empire are likely to draw comment (pro or anti) nearly anywhere north or east of Connecticut, if one wears them on one's sleeve. I don't see anything odd about their being mentioned in this context.

The Cave at the Mt. Washington Hotel has been big news in NH recently. New Hampshire's AG resigned due to an allegation that he had committed some sort of sexual harassment at the Cave during a conference on domestic abuse, but he was subsequently exonerated. It turned out that the AG had gabbed a woman's hips from behind for a split second on the dance floor, in an effort to dance with her. He also participated in a conga line.

This passes for big news here in NH! I just wonder if the bankruptcy lawyers had as much fun at the Cave as the AG apparently did.

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