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between my NYC lawyer and I we charge 560 an hour or 15cnts a second

Hello how are ya is 30 cents
how's the weather is 60 cents
how is your family 2 bucks

Talking about fishing and sailing while it is 100 degrees in NY, traffic is at a standstill
you wife wants you home in time to pack the kids off to camp! Priceless

Or is it? Hmmm can I back charge him for taking his mind off the stree of every day life for 5 minutes?

I wonder?

Ps it took me 3 bucks worth of life to write this.

SF Librarian

Your post brought back memories of my previous billable life, where everything was divided into 6-minute increments. It really does pervade your life, and now that I don't practice law anymore, I can see that it turned me into a pretty uptight person. I can still remember how annoyed I would be at my non-lawyer friends when they were late for lunch or just didn't fit themselves neatly into my little billable world. I found that all of these feelings of impatience and hypersensitivity to time fade eventually if you move on to work (legal or otherwise) that doesn't require that you constantly watch the clock.


I beg to differ. I am not an attorney and I don't bill by the hour. BUT, I am keenly aware of the casualness with which people waste my time. When people are late or see no problem in taking a cell phone call during a lunch - while I sit and wait for them to finish - it screams at me that they value their time more highly than mine. In some instances, that's valid. When it's not, it sticks in my craw. And it's a definite measure for me in evaluating whether I want to work with someone or even socialize with them.

You don't have to be a lawyer to grit your teeth when people are casual with your time.


you also don't have to be a non-lawyer so uptight about your time. maybe thinking negatively about everyone is fun for you, but i would much rather just relax, budget some more time to them, and forgive your late friends.


I'm a private, billing attorney and I don't really think about billables in social situations, even when the many nonlawyer friends I have lunch with every week run late (which happens often). Billables are only on my mind when I'm at my desk or in court/depositions while actually billing.

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