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This blog seems to offer an interesting insight into the mind and lifestyle of a US attorney from a wealthy background. I think it is interesting and unusual, in a way, to see what wealthy, yacht-club belonging people think about things. You're different than me, that much is for certain. If nothing else, I can see how upper-class, sort-of liberals can avoid mixing with coloured people without being too obvious.


One of our Con Law lecturers always used to say:
"Her Majesty's, ummm, competent ministers" when referring to them. What you wrote reminded me of that.

David Giacalone

Often, the use of veiled sarcasm, disrespectful tone, smirks and innuendo, is the coward's way of disagreeing with or disparaging authority without specifically putting one's self on record doing so. Truly courageous members of an honorable, learned profession!

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