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What about Mark Pi's? Kidding, I'm kidding.

Try the place on Forest Ave by that weird intersection that is by the Dunkin' Donuts and across the street from the hardware store. Pretty solid.


I didn't eat Chinese at all (good or bad) until I left the state to go to college. (Bolshoyeh spasebo, Ms. Feverish.) This may have had as much to do with my parents as with the availability of quality food, but I would think things would have improved by now. (After all, it's been so long...)


I don't remember the street, but the only Chinese place I frequented was the Butter Buddha (or was it the House of Wong?) near a set of railroad tracks. My parents' realtor in DC, however, has promised to take me out to all the Asian restaurants there, so I'm happy... (and trying not to be smug over moving). ;-)

Chinese Food Eater

Wow...Oriental Table! The place is great. It's on Exchange St. If you eat meat, the moo shi beef is great. If you've been there and didn't like it, please advise.

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