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It could be a pinched nerve in your lower neck. I have a really screwed up neck from sleeping in awkward positions and reading on my side in high school.

But you say "soreness." Like a muscle? If it's a pinched nerve it will be more of a sharp, localized pain.


One of the best things about having access to healthcare is that you don't have to put up for long with you own negative fantasies about the worst case scenario. Nine out of ten times the only thing a health care professional provides is peace of mind.

But it's the tenth time that you're really thankful you went.


why haven't you seen a doctor??

TPB, Esq.

When I was hit by a drunk driver a few years back, I separated my shoulder/tore the rotator. You may have stretched or damaged yours somehow, but I'm guessing you didn't tear the cuff. You would have a piercing awareness if you did.


Please go see a doctor if this continues.

Anecdotal story: a friend of mine, T-Rex on the blog, had a condition where her shoulder hurt and kept dislocating more and more frequently over the course of two years. Things would get better then worse, then better than worse. She waited, took pain killers, waited, then went in to see a doctor. I’m fuzzy on the details, but basically she had a detached/chipped off piece of something hard grinding away her soft tissue in her shoulder joint. The surgery sucked and she had a long recovery time; had she gone in earlier (she was told) it would have been significantly less traumatic.

Sometimes things heal on their own – sometimes they get worse on their own.


I'll second calls to check with a doctor, though what you describe sounds quite similar to something I had a few months back, which turned out to be bicipital tendonitis (painful with certain movements and positions, and tender in parts of my shoulder; fastening the seatbelt particular torture). It took a couple of months of inactivity and treatment to regain full range of motion, and even now it's just a bit more sore than it ought to be, but overall, manageable.

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