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Let me be the first to say congrats on making it to 7 miles! As a former terrible runner and now Ironman distance triathlete (ok, truth be told I'm still a terribly SLOW runner...but at least now I can just keep running and running at my slow pace :) I assure you that getting that far is the hardest part... after that its smooth sailing up to 13.1 miles!


Echoing JDZ with congrats - you go! Before my knees decided to go cranky on me, half marathons used to be my favorite races. I'd say you don't need to go more than 10 miles in training, and you'll probably be fine on race day even if you never go farther than 8 or 9 on your long runs.


Nice job! It's all about the baby steps - keep on stretching yourself and you'll be impressed at what you can do over a year's time. I'm glad you didn't set an impossible goal for yourself - and since I cna't be the first to wish you congrats on the 7 mile mark, let me be the first to wish you congrats on the half marathon I've no doubt you'll do.


You're welcome. ;-)

I'll just sit here and be envious. I suspect you'll have the Half finished before I'm capable of running seven miles again.


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