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I hope it's not good wine and doesn't stay for long - the temperature swings in a car can torture a bottle of vino.

Wow...what kind of a u-haul trailer to use to store this survival kit of things? Or do you have one of those SUVs?

David iacalone

Two of my "just in case" bottles of cheap wine were forgetten until they froze and burst two winters ago (and I'm south of Maine). It left a distinct wino ambiance, which was my first clue of the mishap.

Did you forget one item -- the one that single girls looking for a summer fling use for [um] "family planning"? Too shy to mention them, or just trying to avoid more unsavory referral hits?


What about a bag of weed to enhance those lovely sunsets?


David, I think those are also tortured by in-car temperature swings and best stored elsewhere.

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Itis a moving story!

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oh boy... how this brings back wonderful memories. babies are glorious.

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