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By law if a tow driver has one hook on the car it is concidered a good tow if you ask, " how much to drop the car" they have to give you a price to drop it. all states puc rules are different. If you want to know the rules and how much they are allowed to charge get ahold of the P.U.C in your area. tow drivers have a big book of rules to live by. and it is a very thin line between crook or not. And most drivers get good money for privet parkers. most motorclubs pay crap. and it is hard to get people to pay a tow bill so you have to live on people that can not read (or just dont care). and as far as the law is concerned if you break it you have to pay. you would never just take a radio out of the store for just a little bit or take a car to drive a little bit and if you did you would have to pay the price. parking in a parking lot that you have not paid for, been invited to park in or are not a paying costomer of the company, then you are breaking the "LAW". and you should have to pay. Sorry, laws are in place for a reason and we should never be aloud to break them and they have to pay when they do. And by the way it it also aginst the law to harm a tow driver in most states the hold the same stats as any other cash carrier. and it is a felony.


C'mon guys. We all know that the guys that predatory tow know what they are doing. Does a person have the right to use and enjoy their property without people parking there to patronizing a different establishment? Sure they do. But every tower that posted knows that the majority of the PPI towing is predatory. What happened to being human beings? I didn't see anything in the original post that said the property owner called the tower, or was there. If he was there why didn't he ask the wedding people to move? I didn't see anything that said that the property was properly posted with clearly visible signs. So how do you ring dings know if the owner called the tower? I would bet that he was a patrol tower.

I never seen a, "no parking, unless it's just for a minute", sign, but 140 to drop it off the wheel lift? Can anyone justify that? Maybe if the guy had to drive 30 miles, but c'mon. Getting an HONEST wage is one thing, the guy did have to go out, but givin' it to em in the keister, just because you can, is entirely another. But keep on with the tough guy attitudes. The more towers that use these involuntary situations, (PPI's and Rotation), to charge whatever they want the more pissed-off the public will become and the more regulation they will demand. You can see it happening all over the U.S. and it's coming if our industry doesn't change.


come on tow truck guys. I know for a fact that your 99 percent untouchable by the state laws, yea that includes how much you can outratiously charge. some of you charge a "gate opening fee", yes thats on a sunday morning week end. a lot of you use different rules, no two wrecker services play the same rules, oh yes lets not forget the girlfriend county or city dispatcher who will give you an "out of rotation tow" as a favor, again not all of you practice this,...................a very small fraction are real people.


I have people towed from my business all the time. We have signs up and a limited amount of parking. I bought this property with my hard earned money so my customers would have a place to park. My parking lot is not for everyone else in the area to use.

We have all had bad experiences with wrecker drivers and other professions also.
I have also had the pleasure of having a very good wrecker dervice working for us.

Bottom line, even if it's just for a minute, avoid that firelane and emergency vehicle might need it, avoid that handy cap spot, adisabled person might need it, avoid that marked space because the person who has it may show up and pay attention to all the signs. Be responsible for your own actions. If your going to a certain business and their lot is full, wait for a spot or go on about your business. That business should have enough spaces for you.

We charge $200 for the who cant read

Truck Drivers are nothing but the lowest form of life, worthless nogood brainless dishonest smelly pieces of human excretment.
The job itself requires no skill what so ever and being on the Dole is a step up from being a "truckie"
Imagine being one of these individuals and having the whole world look at you as if you were something they had troden in crossing the street.
Hell, their own families are ashamed of them and won't look them in the eye.

Next time you see one behaving like the Moronic Dickhead that he probably is remember that he has reached the sum total of what he is ever going to be in life, sad fact is, he probably realises it himself.


I have photos of tow trucks and cops. If you will pay attention. Alot of times it is very hard to tell who the cop is compared to the tow truck operator. It will soon be over however. The city will soon have to put into effect a 25 foot rule. Where the tow truck operator has to stay within 25 feet from the officer while he does his job.


All towing is illegal if the owner doesn't consent. The constitution tells us this, Federal R.I.C.O. tells this.

Sue the towing company, thats what I did when they stole my property. My bill was for some $1700.

Notice that they take your property, then tell you "pay or else", anyone ever heard of extortion? The Federal Courts have.

digger derricks

I wish tow truck drivers were a little more lenient. They dont have to tow every vehicle parked wrong, but from them towing your car they were able to keep the lights on at their house for their family.


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