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Yeoman Lawyer

Interesting, isn't it, to find out what others in our family have done.

Did you already know about the one who was a lawyer, or was that the first you learned of it? In my own family, I long thought that I had no direct predacessors who were lawyers, although I do have quite a few cousins who are. (Lot's of cousins who are, in fact. It never occured to me how common this occupation was in my family until I really started disliking it).

Anyhow, several years ago an uncle gave me some family obits and I found that a great grandfather was a judge. I'd never known it. Sort of an odd discovery.


My uncle rescued a two-eyed, three-legged dog some years ago, and Rawhide became a treasured and exuberant member of the extended family till he took ill and passed on in late 2002.

You're so right in how a picture readily captures the physical absence while omitting all that is present in personality and heart. Thank you for bringing back such lovely (if bittersweet) memories.

It reminds me of the joke of the lost dog who had one eye, three legs, was "fixed," and went by the name lucky.

Unlike people, your Belle probably has a better sense of self, and of course, understanding of what is important.

Now, how about a picture of her catching that frisbee!


Belle for President!

david giacalone

I was recently helping my niece in Boston write a cover letter for a job and discovered that the Craig's List media page had a listing for a one-eyed female model. Belle is surely beautiful enough for the position. And, I'm sure you know an animal rights lawyer or two who would handle any species employment discrimination problems.


I like doggies.

Yeoman Lawyer

By the way, I relized I somehow posted my comment here in the wrong thread, and it should have been in the family stories thread. My apologies.

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