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Mary Ann

I enjoyed wearing my LL Bean loafers for years til they wore out. Mam


You mentioned your loafers were soft.Women's penny loafers made by OLD MAINE TROTTERS during the fifties and early sixties were the softest.The also had great cache and were extremely sexy.The most ordinary looking girl wearing these loafers would have a special appeal.

Catherine Anderson

In 1978 I purchased a pair of Olde Maine Trotter loafers in a yellow. They were as comfortable as they were pretty. Where are the Olde Fashioned loafers, and where are the yellow colors? I know that some poll came out that said that yellow was the least favorite color of those persons who were polled. Throw out the pollsters and bring back the yellow loafers. I have been missing them since the first pair wore out. Kitty


I've been looking everywhere for yellow moccasins-- J.Crew had them a few years ago and they've since been a fetish item for me. Now Target (of all places) has them for $30. I'm not sure if Target is usually ahead of the curve or behind the times in things like this but it may mean more yellow mocs in the future.

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