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I'm a fan of the raw diet but we don't do it 100% of the time. We feed partially raw, partially a low-grain-content (no corn, lots of meat) dog food.

Without going into really gross details, let's just say that we have an easier time cleaning up after our dog than most of her dog buddy friends. Eliminating most grain (especially corn!) and adding raw bone/egg/marrow has a, uh, compacting effect.

there is this big raw philosophy out there. I don't know if I buy it. My dog had stomach problems and did his business well on a good lamb & rice food. When he had problems I would give him cooked rice and boiled chicken (no bones). He was also partial to rice krispies. Then again, he'd eat road kill if given a chance (no, that was not the source of his stomach problems).

Sorry to say the raw diet is no good for our furry friends. Dogs and cats need veggies but can't digest raw vegetables very well. It'll provide some, er, firming functions, but in nature carnivores get their veggies and the vitamins that go with them from the stomaches and intestines of their prey. They let the deer/bunny/whatever do the digesting for them. So if you don't want the dog to be vitamin deficient, you have got to use some commercial dog food (or provide it whole rabbits, I guess!)

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