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Slightly long is good, but I don't care much about polish.

What's good is the can be used to claw my eyes out. Or my back. I like slightly cruel, dangerous women.

Some Dude

Maybe it is conditioning or something, because I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. Maybe it is that they take the time to be all pretty, and for sure it is because they can dig ‘em in. It is just part of what sexy is to guys. High heels, thigh high’s, long fingernails. Grrrr.


I like about 1/3 of an inch of white on non-colored but polished fingernails. I like the color on the toenails though.


"Slightly long is good, but I don't care much about polish."

Ditto that. Really long is an absolute turn-off.

There's something about a beautiful woman who has unpainted fingernails that says... the beauty radiates naturally from her, and not as a result of cosmetics.


Gnawed fingernails is very unattractive, but flashy, long, and elaborate is cheap. Clean and longer than a man's but not crazy; color is optional -- but if so, tasteful, and without "art."


Definitely a turn on. Like a couple of other posters mentioned, I really like the French Manicure (the natural look, with the white tips). Not too long, and *never* fake. Yuck.

I think it's partially culturally conditioned, and partially the fact that it's something about women that is different from men. Short fingernails on women just seem somehow boyish.


I hate really long finger nails, kind of long ones that are polished bother me, short and clean finger nails are the best. Short finger nails with motor oil or garden soil are good too. Long finger nails say "lazy" to me. You can't do any useful work with long finger nails.

Igmar Fillipé

Fingernails... I could care less whether they are long or painted or whatever. On the other hand, painted toenails... very hot. It's that whole toenail application process (with the cotton balls and everything.) Maybe it is stuck in my head from my childhood, watching my mom paint her toenails. You know, some kind of Oedipus complex. Aaack! I just grossed myself out.


French Manicure: because I don't understand them. I don't understand high heels either, and they're awesome. Earings, I think are rediculous, but hot girls wear big hoopy ones, categorically. But don't ask guys. We really don't know. Ask women. Guys like things, sure, but we oftentimes don't understand what we like. Women understand what men like about them, at least where asthetics are concerned.


In reading over the comments I think everybody was way too specific -- particularly Kevin, 1/3 of an inch? what, he's measured? I don't exclude myself, though. Ask about eye makeup next. I have strong opinions. Yeah. I have a very empty life.


Ditto on the French manicure. Hot.


If you are attractive (in the general sense of personality, figure etc) then unless you are with an OCD person, the length of your fingernails really shoulndt be an issue.


I think I'm with Julio - I don't really register "fingernails" as a feature until they're irrelevant. (Unless you are, say, Gail Devers. In which case I wonder how you manage block starts.)


Medium. Buffed, not polished. Maybe a little french for the night out.


Slightly longish but not too long is good. Polish or not depends on the circumstances, I really don't have strong feelings one way or the other. It just has to match what else she's doing, like makeup and stuff. (Ack. I'm inarticulate as always.)

Nick Morgan

I don't think there's a reliable mathematical limit, but once nails are long enough that I'm likely to focus on the length of the nails itself--and not simply on a woman's fingers or hands--at that point, I think it becomes tacky and distracting. That length, whatever it is, may also be the length likely to cause distractions (or worse) during any variety of touching that lovers or new-daters will perform.


Length - proportional to finger length - a woman with long slender fingers can get away with longer nails. For me, it's how the hands look over all, and how the nails affect that over all look.

Polish - None is fine, a neutral/skin-complementary tone shows care to appearance w/o screaming "LOOK AT MY NAILS!" Anything past that is garish.

Of course, there's the occupation specific nail trim - such as the guitar player with short nails on the left hand, and longer ones on the right.

What? No comments yet on nail shape? Squared off, rounded, sharpened to a point, slashed?


D A N G - these guys are into some fingernails!

I don't really notice fingernails unless they are too long or are painted a screwed up color.

And no, there is definition for either "too long" or "screwed up" - you just know it when you see it.


I can appreciate the effort that goes into doing one's own nails, but it doesn't really do much for me. Of course, I prefer a low-maintenance woman, so I wouldn't want to be with one who is constantly worried about breaking nails.

When I was in high school I had a girlfriend with long fingernails. It could be fun. Now, well it could probably still be fun, but let's get real. You're very active (sailing, etc.). Can you real do these things while worrying about your nails. A woman with short nails who has a strong interest in things other than shopping might have a hard time tending to her manicure. That kind of a woman is a lot more interesting, and attractive, than a woman with painted fingernails.

That said, who am I to comment if you want to grow your nails and paint them. Short is fine. Long (within reason) is fine. Chewed, well, that is not very attractive.


as a self-professed expert in glam queens, nothing beats a nice set of natural (no fakes), polished nails in either french style or a color that matches one's lipstick.

i could get all raunchy with the various reasons why it's hot (of course, that'd not be like me), but let's just say guys are visual creatures. Show them shiny colorful things and they are mesmerized and helpless. Closer is better. ;)


Rufus, I measured the lenght that my wife keeps her at while she was napping on the couch.


I like fingernails that are long, nothing crazy though. I mean if the girl has nails that are longer than her hands, that's a turnoff....but a little length is good, and can be quite attractive. French or natural(unpolished) is best. And Kevin, you have waaayyy to much time to think if you measure your wife's nails while she sleeps!! Btw these would be what i consider nice....*points to URL*


I prefer slightly longer than normal but shapely (read: filed) nails. Long, pressed/glued on, excessively/elaborately painted nails truly make me barf.


Why should wowen need to keep their fingernails long anyway? Do they need 2 do extra scratching?

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