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Hey, short and painted looks wery sexy, or anyway short. Its discustin to see badly cared and dirty women nails! But short, manicured maybe painted strong colour, gaas it turns me on. Even wery short its ok too. They are quite attractive.


I'd dont really care for fingernails they disgust me when they have man looking hands and fingers just awful, but very very short fingers will do


Yes, i like long, red polish finger nails but i hate artificial finger nails. There are sexi same as high heels.


I think painted long nails are very sexy so are long painted toenails I think shortly, Us men will have long painted nails which is cool


I've always been attracted to longer fingernails but I don't care for the really long ones. I like natural, clear polished and also colored polish. Love polished toenails as well.


I think the longer the better there is no extent to how long i like them.


you have to be very discreet observing those long sexy nails especially when its a new date if sense that you are too focused on her nails the bitch might think that u r too kinky even though they know in the first place we get turned on by it so vooman why dont you chopped off make up your mind vooman

I love long fingernails and toenails. When I first look at a girl, I check her nails to see if they are long.

My favorite are the fake ones because they always look so much nicer than real nails, where each nail is a different length than the rest.

Any color on the nails will do, but I LOVE a french pedicure on the toenails. It looks so sexy


Yes, I find moderately long fingernails (and moderately long toenails) very attractive as long as they are (a) natural (fakes are a turn-off), (b) immaculately clean and well-groomed, (c) French manicure/pedicure if anything. What is it about long nails ...? Probably some deep psychological thing which I wouldn't understand. But from my point of view, it has to do with a woman knowing that she is sexy with the natural things she possesses without spending hundreds on a lot of other things that don't really matter.


I love long fingernails on women,it,s a fetish with me. I don,t know where it comes from but i find them very sexy. I have a slight preference towards unpolished natural nails.

dave aka pnl

Oh my god yes ;), I love to see long natural fingernails on women :). Its the length, tip shape and color polish that I find sexy, arousing and exciting. The length from 1/8 to a 1/2 inch, give or take a little and no longer, a round oval tip shape and a light and or sheer color polish on them. I also like to look at the under side of the nails, some nails form a scoop / horse shoe shape as they grow out and I like this also :).


I like nails and I believe their beauty has to be seen from the context of the shape of the fingers and toes; so you can't just look at the nails. The shape of the fingers and toes affect the perceived shae and length of the nails. I like nails (esp. toenails) so much that after the face, toenails are invariably the second part of a woman I look at. A beautiful woman with short stubby toes (regardless of whatever nails) is just 'incomplete'. Women with short utilitarian nails (polished or not) are just a turnoff.


I am real CRAZY for girls with Natural long fingernails. But they MUST be natural, this is very important for me. This turn me on so much, I don't understand why.....Since i was child this was the first i was looking in a girl, maybe can be a kind of fetish desire, don't know....Please, if someone feels the same way contact me ...to share feelings about that.


Nothing can top a pair of fake, clear nails with at least a 1/2 inch white tip. The perfect white and the shine of fake nails just looks stunning. Long toenails also look great clear with white tips, especially when wearing platform heels.
The longer the sexier ladies, but please, no curled natural nails, fakes are straight and sexy

Long fake nails are so sexy, especially if they are french manicured and long. I have a fetish.


I'm a 17 yr old guy and i have to say when a girl at school is wearing extra long fake nails with white tips, i cant help but stare. The longer the white tip the better, the way There is a girl who is several years younger than me who wears the longest fake nails, really high platform heels and the tightest/shortest outfits. She is without a doubt the most popular girl in school, always dating college guys (lucky bastards). She always has really long white tips on her toenails, i dont know if they are real or fake but they make her platform heels even more stunning. Any girls reading this, guys adore LONG FAKE nails!!!


I love long beautiful acrylic fingernails and toenails on women! Women with really short nails (less than 1/4" no I don't measure, just an eye guide) or unpainted natural nails are really unattractive to me. The color of the nails isn't really important to me, as long as the nails are long and painted. Nails are pretty much the first thing I look at when I look at a woman. If she has long beautiful fingernails, I try to imagine that her toenails under her shoes are the same color (maybe hopefully long as well!). Have you felt how smooth painted nails feel against you? Especially the acrylic nails (shudders). Women, if you can read this, MEN LOVE LONG NAILS!!!!


Long acrylic nails (both fingernails and toenails, the latter should be shown off more often) are without a doubt a turn on. The worst thing a woman with sexy long nails can do is paint them some bright color. Just clear gloss then perfect white is without a doubt the perfect nail 'look'. What do i like about long polished nails? The LONG perfect white tip and the shine of the white tip and the clear part of the nail somehow just captures the eye in a way men can't resist. In my opinion, the longer the acrylic white/clear nails the better!

lord king

pesronally i can't stand frech manicures, i think they look tacky, likewise fake nails. generally speaking i prefer nails to be short, only if a girl has "the right hands" can long nails be sexy, but when they are sexy, the are incredibly sexy.
i also hate it when girls have their nails at uneven lengths.


I love long fingernails, especially if they are natural and over an inch or two in length. I loved that singer from SWV and her super long nails.


For me the length of the nail is irrelevant. As long as the nails are neat, tidy and clean they can be cut short or long. Fake nails are ugly. Just my opinion of course.


Long red nails are HOT on a women. It is even better when she has matching red toenails. Long nails feel GREAT during sex !



Long nails on women rock ! Nice fake french nails and matching toenails drive me wild. Pair it with some open toed high heels, yummy ! Sex with a long nailed women is awesome. GIRLS, wear more long nails !!



its not about fashion, what are we,- women ?! its about control. like their breasts, if they can fascinate or mezmerise you enough they could walk you straight into a wall. control... its the same with their nails,only more-so. only , you would have better luck looking at their tits than their nails. they want to control us with their nails and they can actually touch you with their hands. do i really have to explain it! life is too short for this. p.s. the really shiny luminescent white & pink for instance, when their nails catch the light is impossible to ignore.

women expert

im 17 yo guy and i love girls with long natural fingernails. it just turns me on. they r great for sex cos they scratch better the genitals

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