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Well, I saw my uncle today for the first time in seven years. (Living on different continents and all that). I'm looking forward to getting to know him over the next week or two. So that pretty good, even if it's not "beautiful"..:-)


I saw a bumper sticker this morning that read, "Nothing grows under a Bush"- also not beautiful, but good for a chuckle.

Law School Buddy

Not a sight, but a smell and a feeling.

Went outside around noon to head home for lunch and was hit with a cool, crisp fall breeze. It gave me chills. I purposely took a very deep breath through my nose and it became cool. Then my mouth and throat felt cool as I continued inhale deeply. I felt cleansed.

Still miss those deep breaths back in P-Town, only the ones with a slight tinge of salt from the ocean water. Stick your head out the window. Take a deep one for your law school buddy.


My daughter is beautiful. (Full disclosure - I'm a bit biased!) She is full of energy today and is excited about essentially her first real babysitting job this evening. She's 13 and it's nice to see her get excited about something - anything! It's a time that full of new things for her and it's fun to watch.


the 40 ft weeping willow in my new backyard.


I agree with lawschoolbuddy, it feels good to finally have a feeling of fall in the air. There is nothing like that smell that tells you summer is over and cool days are ahead

Dan Anderson

I was in Madison, Wisconsin today for a program on "Addressing Injustices in the Justice System" and our Capitol Dome against a clear blue sky is one of the most beautiful things in this state. The link:



I saw a flock of geese headed south for the first time all year which means that fall is officially here! (Ok, so this happened yesterday... but its still so exciting to me!)


Try this.

(Turn up your sound, and click on the horses of your choice).


The unexpected phrase, "I love you" from my wife's mouth in the middle of a conversation on the phone earlier today.


I reread the last few days of your blog.


Well, it's spring here, so there's lots of beautiful stuff around. But I think the little wildflower poking out of the bitcumen on my way to lunch this arvo worked for me - some comment about triumph over adversity seemed appropriate! ;o)


A. Rickey

The rain has stopped. My shoes have dried. I have a full pot of coffee and no idea how to write this order to show cause. It's 1:30 AM.

Hmm... this probably isn't helping. How about this: http://www.illwillpress.com

If the ones about coffee shops don't get you laughing, I don't know what will.


Working (very) late, but looking at a picture of my two beautiful dogs on my sailboat, with setting sun behind them. Nice.


I saw my six day old son fall asleep on his father's chest, my son's head nestled under my husband's chin.


a couple of things:

(1) One of the partners at my (very) small firm was in my office talking about work, and he was expecting his 5-year-old daughter to call him at work to say goodnight. So when he heard the phone ringing he FLEW to his own office so he could talk to her--I've never seen him move so fast.

(2) Most of the leaves are still green, but the ground has that delicious sprinkling of brownish, semi-crispy leaves which is the harbinger of fall. Just enough leaves to pattern across the sidewalks, to make you look forward to the upcoming time when you can swish your shoes through them as you walk along. The air smells different, and you know that the invigorating coolness of autumn is just around the corner. Apples, Halloween, turtlenecks, swirling leaves and flocks of birds flying south. (I love fall.)

On a related note, if you haven't seen "Winged Migration," *that* is really beautiful--highly recommended for many reasons, including the larger-scale perspective it gives on our individual lives, the beautiful footage, and the sense of peace and nature it conveys. Hope you're feeling better soon.

I woke up and, not surprisingly, saw my wife. While this is a daily occurrence, it still is a wonderful/beautiful sight every morning.


My mom's post today is pretty good:



I got home early yesterday and saw my three month old daughter, and then got to go play with her on the floor and watch her sit-up and smile and kick and punch (nasty left hook).

It's great to make someone smile, especially by just smiling at them.

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