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The stakes change everthing, and that is the exciting part. walking across 2x4 1 foot off the ground is much different then 100 feet in the air. Same 2x4 though....the playoffs are more fun because the players take bigger risks and most of the time they pay off. hmmm might be a lesson here!! batter up?


having moved to boston recently, i find it actually disturbing how into baseball some of these people are. i don't mind excitement - but please, be excited about it the same way i'm excited about Sarah Michelle Gellar. Well, OK, not *exactly* the same way - but have some distance - realize it's not real.

I think it would be neat if we could get 5% as many people interested in public activism.

I'm being a crank again. Sorry, tired. I love everyone, really. Ok, fine, I don't.


Basketball is all about speed. The ball goes back and forth; scores get into the triple digits. Players have to act on instinct. Baseball is, like you said, all about tension. The showdown between the pitcher and the batter is like a game of rock-paper-scissors. Both of them are trying to guess what the other will do next. To me, this is fascinating, but I find basketball boring with its constant running around.

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