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what makes it so hard to finish do you think?


Infinite Jest. Aaaaaaack.


Pynchon is the ultimate literary scam. You know someone is a pretentious clown when you see him on the subway reading Pynchon. I did like Stranger in a Strange Land ... when I was a 15 year old pothead in the 1970s!!


Just a quick note. I've really loved reading your blog over the last 7 months or so. I just started law school so I haven't read your posts in a few weeks, but coming back tonight has been like a breath of fresh air. After spending 6 days a week with "gunners", its great to reassure myself that lawyers can be mature, intelligent, well-rounded, funny, creative, and even fun to be around!



I read it cover to cover, about 10 years ago. As I recall (with non-negligible probability that I'm recalling incorrectly), what made it difficult was it starts out with a Discover/Scientific American style, but becomes increasingly textbook like the further you get. So you pick it up thinking it'll be a fun read, and before long find yourself saying to yourself: "Remind me why am I'm reading this pseudo-textbook again?"

Now you've got me wanting to reread it...


Yup, that's me. I think I got halfway. But come on, man, it's huge! And you'd think it'd be right up my alley... engineer/love to read/fat Russian literature doesn't scare me... but no. Eh, whatever. But, as you said, I _did_ enjoy the half that I read.

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