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While I don't agree with the message, I love the way you and your friends delivered it.


I'm feeling cautiously optimistic at this point. While I'm prepared to be dissapointed, I'm getting a good feeling. Of course that probably means that my soul willbe crushed. Sort of like dating.


No worries. Kerry will win. The Washington Redskins lost yesterday. Google it, you'll see.


I think if they actually count all the votes this time kerry might pull it off.

Then more fun:)))


I'm so excited, I don't know if I will be able to fall asleep.

Richard Ames

Clothespin idea sounds cool, however the message does not. I'm predicting Bush wins 51-47 (Ralph gets 1 and "Other" gets 1). I also see, unfortunately, loser violence in some states. It's just all become far too shrill for me. Too much hate.

David Giacalone

Clothespins. You have a good point, Scheherazade: If Pres. Bush wins again, Americans may not have enough electricity or money for clothes dryers. Vote Kerry! Here comes the sun.

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