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I don't blame you for liking UNC - Roy Williams is a classy guy and we were very VERY sad to see him leave Kansas. We're doing ok tho these days (a #2 ranking ain't too shabby) and Bill Self seems to have fallen nicely into Roy's footsteps. If you are looking for another team to support that is classy and fun to watch and has rabid supporters, it doesn't get much better than this. KU is a true hoops school and Lawrence is a basketball mad town... everyday I park on NAISMITH Drive... it doesn't get any more basketball than that! We've made it to two final fours in the last three years and have fallen short every year... I have a different feeling about this one! Bill Self is running a great program and the players actually all seem like really nice guys... You should definitly follow Kansas (but then again, I'm a little biased.... ;)


I'M SO GLAD YOU GOT THE HAT!!! I didn't know it was sized- I am relieved it fits. I need to get Tony one... another Yale grad who has inexplicably turned into a UNC fan.



I have to stop calling my mother during basketball season - I appear to have a knack for intuitively knowing when a UConn game is on and calling then. And to think growing up she had precisely zero interest in sports...


I knew you had taken up UNC hoops, but I didn't realize you had drunk the Kool-Aid. Not all Dukies deserve hating, and sometimes it's fun to be for the team everyone loathes. I'm glad you like college basketball, though, regardless of how misguided your affections are.


If you're thinking of rooting for another big-time college hoops team, but want to avoid any conflicts of interest with UNC men's, how about UConn women's basketball? They'll never be in the final four with UNC, yet they're a great team with a hardcore coach.


The Duke women have a great team and a good, cool coach who is not near the nutjob Geno is. I'm just saying...

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