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Silly kid. You made me make out with my cat.

You need to get out of those depressing northern climes, and move somewhere with good Mexican food.


And a little reminder that you can feel utterly lonely surrounded by the people you love.


Loneliness is being with someone you love who doesn't love you back. This time of year is always reflective. It is December and we have this system of 'new years'. We do it with brithdays, 1st January, Christmases.. they are all "landmarks" that make us contemplate the past and make plans for the future.
Not having a boyfriend/girlfriend is made worse in December because of Christmas ad it being a family-time.

I am sure it is worse in America where this period begins a few weeks before Xmas with Thanksgiving. We want someone to snog under the Mistletoe, someone to buy naughty undies for (us).. I know this because I am lonely too.

There's no reason to feel lonely though. You friend was there lying with you.

SF Librarian

Thanks for this post -- it brought me out of my fog of self-involvement. I've been incredibly grumpy and hard to live with for the last week (finals, holiday stress, financial anxiety, etc.). My husband has been very kind and patient with me, but I've spurned his efforts to console me. He's at the office now, so I couldn't actually kiss him, but I sent him your post, an e-mail kiss and an apology.


We need our love and our hugs. Cats are good, dogs are good, husbands even better. Here's to not taking ourselves for granted XXOO


It is ok to feel alone.

We have those days

it is not a bad thing

Hug the moment


And appreciate the love of all the people who are not husbands/ girlfriends/ etc. but whom you can hug anyway. I think we have a tendency to over-focus on romantic love and forget all the other kinds out there.


@ PG: Only the Mafiosi hug people that isn't their romantic lover. Them and silly women (who watched Friends) and New Yorkers. Assuming you are none of these I have contacted the FBI to bug your blog for criminal activities.

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