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I have the same problem, usually w/studying for finals or writing projects. It's kind of a curse, really. My mind boggles at how much more I might get done if I just skipped the procrastination and got right to the project, remembered how enjoyable it reallly was, finished, and went on to the next thing. Instead I can waste days and weeks putting something off, getting little done in the meantime. It's a curse, really.


Maybe you're ADD. I just heard a news report about how that's the latest catch-all disorder for adults who procrastinate, underachieve, are chronically late, etc. A new ploy by the drug companies to sell more ritalin, some think.


I have the same problem! Yeah, I guess it could be adult ADD, but what a cop out! I just have a problem *getting started* on stuff. Once I'm working, all is well. Why is it so hard to remember how good it feels to be working and productive? Or maybe it's like running—I remember how good it feels, but when I start up again, it's so hard that I don't want to put in the effort to get to the good place.

A. Rickey

I'd not fight that urge to procrastinate. I generally find that I enjoy the work because I've procrastinated: the ideas have had time to develop in the back of my head, and they're ready to be born when I start working.


I'm going to resolve to quit procrastinating ... later on, I reckon. Too much other stuff going on now to turn productive.


I agree with A.Rickey - I long ago stopped fighting my tendency to procrastinate when when faced with creative projects because always the subconscious was at work and made for a better project when I finally got round to it.


I think creative projects may do better with a little procrastination -- I always imagine my brain as a stewpot where things get better with more slow cooking, up to a certain point -- but certain things really ought to be attacked ASAP. I put off revising my first memo for far too long, just because of my distaste for it, and it was dumb and unnecessary; I should have revised it as soon as I got it back just to get it done.

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