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I am a real man so I sleep with nada on all the time. But have you considered an electric blanket to gently warm your bed before you get in?

Two Dishes But To One Table

Long live asymmetry!


I have found my husband rather useful in this respect .... I used to have to go to bed practically fully clothed in the winter but Husband has some kind of internal nuclear fission going on so now I'm toasty.
Just a thought ... you know, if you need to upgrade from the sock thing :0)


Sigh. Thanks, Rhyme, for reminding me of the better way to stay warm. Trust me, I would very much like to upgrade. Alas, for now the socks are all I can count on.


When I was young and wild, I used to look forward to running the hairdryer on my feet for a few minutes before falling asleep. Very relaxing, moreso than most spouses, and more reliable too. ;)

David Giacalone

Having lived for years in ancient, poorly insulated homes, I understand why our foreparents had bedwarmers to preheat their beds. Using an electric blanket to preheat sounds like a good idea, but I would then have to turn it off upon entry.

We should get Janet Jackson's costume designer to come up with break-away socks.

Having gone from women-friends who are always a little too cold to those who are old enough to be always a litle too hot (in and out of bedcovers), it is clear that one has to be very flexible and practical about using a companion for bedwarmth. More than once, I've gotten a very pointy elbow in my gut for trying to warm cold toes on a warm body part.

Speaking of aging, I know you have a birthday around now, Scheherazade and I send best wishes for an interesting and fulfilling year.


How did you luck into a husband who keeps you warm? Mine has the coldest feet in the history of the planet and he has a habit of letting me get in bed 10 minutes ahead of him to warm things up and then he hops in with his ice feet and puts them on whatever exposed skin of mine he can find!


HKD..... It's not all roses you know .... nuclear fission doesn't just go away in the summer! I'd be glad of cold feet in June !!


A similar tip will keep you surprisingly cool in the summer: carry a large chunk of ice tightly gripped in one hand. That hand will be fairly uncomfortable, but you'll be amazed at how much it makes the rest of you feel better.

SF Librarian

The best way to preheat a cold bed is to buy two or three of those microwavable buckwheat pillows and throw them in a few minutes before you climb in. They're cheap, and they cool down gradually so you don't have to worry about overheating during the night or turning them off (as you do with an electric blanket).

If you're interested, just Froogle "microwavable buckwheat pillow" for online options.


that was hilarious! and strangely logical and dead-on correct at the same time. my first visit here, hi!


My grandma, whose house hovered around freezing in winter, used to put a big rock on the woodstove for an hour, then wrap in in flannel and put in under the covers with us at bedtime. This was the best thing. You could probably use a radiator in place of the woodstove. I don't think you can microwave rocks. Be careful, though-- Gram once gave herself a hernia trying to move the rock around in bed with her toes.

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