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If you have a Mac (and I am sure there are PC applications that could do the same, but I am familiar with Mac), you can get a moderately priced USB mike (I say moderately priced because cheap=bad audio quality) and a shareware app called Sound Studio.

With Sound Studio, you can record any inputs from the mike into a continuous audio file. Then, you can clip sections of that file and export them as Quicktime, MP3, or AIFF files. I think you can also include metadata, although I haven't played around with that.

Maybe someone else has experience doing this sort of thing on a PC; I'm sure there are Windows options that are as easy.

Ms. Feverish

You might try a small digital recorder. They allow you to record short or long bits into "folders" and into separate files within folders. The recorders generally come with voice file editing software and a USB cable that connects the recorder to a computer. You can transfer the files to your computer, edit them there, save them as a .wav file and then upload them to a blog (though the uploading of voice files I'm not so familiar with). I've recorded and transfered files in the past two days with the new voice recorder I've just gotten. Sony has some in varying price ranges that might be worth a small investment.

One thing I would checkout is how easy it is to edit files... I haven't edited any yet, so I don't know how much editing is possible.


What's your budget? Adobe Audition
is probably overkill for something like this, but you'd be able to filter the sound nicely and sample your grandmother if you ever decide to do a Grandma Rap CD.


If I was going to do this, I would actually do it as a video recording, not just audio. I think it's nice to get her facial expresions and maybe gestures as part of the story. Of course, that would mean more expensive equipment. And a bigger storage capacity needed.

But the upside is that most digital video recorders come with their own editing software these days. I'm sure this is the same in USA as it is in Australia. It's pretty easy to use and fairly flexible, though obviously it's just a cut and paste thing, you can't do anything complicated like mixing.

Some of them also have the ability to seperate out the sound from the picture so you could upload this onto your blog and maybe have the full video available on CD to those family members who are interested?

Uploading is pretty easy - there's a whole heap of shareware available out there that can help you with that.

Since we're assuming you know nothing - a good intro is available on HTML Goodies: the sound tutorial is here (or here if you want to use Real Audio) and the video tutorial is here.



check out storycorps.net. it looks like you can rent the equipment. these folks are pretty cool- too bad their only booth is in nyc currently. but worth a look.

also, have you heard "song of scheherazade" by the 70s art-rock band renaissance? that and "ol' nicky's" renditions are reason enough for me to name my daughter after the greatest storyteller ever. thought you'd like to know.

best of luck

Format wise, whether you record as WAVs and then rip into mp3 or use a digital recorder, you absolutely should put them up as mp3s. You can include metadata easily, and it's the most universally usable format. Also quite efficient in terms of space.

Yvonne DiVita

You have received plenty of technical advice from others. I would like to offer one additonal thought...a friend and I are hoping to do something similar with a group of senior citizens, especially parents or grandparents who are still here to share their lives with us. Would you be interested in a collaborative effort, a way to keep history alive, in video, audio, and print? Just a thought.

Mark S

I asked a friend who is a musician: he suggest using a Sony or Sanken Lavalier microphone, run thru a small portable mixer into a minidisc, computer, dat deck or Adobe Audition.

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