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Wow. What a heartfelt post. Thanks for sharing it. I'm glad to hear your friend survivied the blast in Mosul. I hope he makes it home alright.


Thank you for writing that.


Thanks for sharing this beautiful, delicately written post. I will send good thoughts to your friend in Iraq and also heed the lesson here....


Your post was deeply moving; thank you for sharing your regrets and your inspiration. Best wishes and prayers for your wounded friend

Richard Ames

Well written. You're going to dislike this comparison for politcal reasons perhaps, but this piece reads like a Peggy Noonan article. I mean the style. Have you ever read her non-political writings? Short deliberate sentences carefully placed and packed with emotional energy. I like it. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks.


Wow! This is touching! All the best to your friend in Iraq. We pray he will come home safe.

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