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Donate the unwanted tea to a food bank or soup kitchen?

Ms. Feverish

If the tea is loose (or even if its not) you might try re-blending it. Pair bitter with boring and you might get something drinkable. Or blend it with a bit of the stuff you do like. I sometimes do this with stashes of old tea that's lost its ooomphf.

Alternately, you could mail it to pjm. He's been known to drink and enjoy tea that leaves your teeth feeling almost hairy...


Ms. Feverish has a great way with words. I remember a woman telling me - when I was back in high school of all things; that's over 40 years ago! - that not brushing her teeth made her feel like she "had mittens on my teeth." I would remember "leaves your teeth feeling almost hairy..." for as long, if I had the years.


How about using the tea for other purposes? A quick surf on Google threw up suggestions such as watering your house plants with cooled tea, using it as a dye, using tea bags as a way to keep away fridge odors, or making iced tea/other tea recipes which might soften the flavour of the tea.

Good luck!


You could tea-stain your legs, then get a black pen and draw lines up your legs and pretend you are wearing tights (US: pantyhose?).

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Sammy@ Blooming Tea

Don't throw it away, donating some of them is a good thing. Tea that has been stocked for a long time do sometimes taste bad.

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