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I had to quit cafeinne two months ago, no more Starbucks coffee, no more Diet Coke. I drink Green Tea now and it totally tastes like bark water to me. Can you post your favorite varieties (and whether they're cafeinnated or not) sometime? Like a review of Tea . . .


This place is owned by a friend of mine in San Francisco, and they now do mail order: http://www.dynasteaclub.com/productsgreentea.html

My personal favorites are the Pearl White Jasmine (incredible) and the Green Snail Spring. Their white teas are also very good, but are very subtle.

For green tea to be drinkable, I think it really needs to be loose.


I had a hard time with green tea until I learned (from a Russian, oddly enough) to (a) not brew it very long - I was letting it get too bitter, and (b) not sugar it. At all. At that point, I managed to find a taste I could tolerate.

But its main virtue is still warmth.

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