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You don't write very much about your political leanings (although I do remember something about clothes-pins). Would you write something about your political ideology, who or what has most influenced your views, or why you don't write about them? Thanks! M.


What is the greatest length you've ever gone to procure a favorite consumable item?


Inspired by the question about politics, I would ask the following: Would you use the word "feminist" to describe yourself? Why or why not?


What do you think of Valentine's Day? Overly commercialized, overrated holiday that's at least kind of evil since it makes single people feel bad? Or great holiday simply because it celebrates love and being loving to those around us?

PS: I love your writing!

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If you doubt your do it yourself , then without a doubt you stand on shaky11 soil .(
Ibsen , Norwegian dramatist )

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