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Hi! Longtime lurker here, but I just have to ask - what do you mean by having an egg over your oatmeal? Do you fry it and plop it on top? Or do you boil it and then cut in chunks and sprinkle on top? I have oatmeal every morning, and it might be fun to switch it up with a little egg!


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When eggs are really fresh the white should not spread all over. Do you keep them cold enough?


Lisbeth: I put a buttery over easy egg right on top of my bowl of oatmeal or oat bran. Sometimes I put raisins in, too, or sometimes maple syrup. It's delicious. The yolk mixes in with the oats (and the syrup and butter, if I've put those in) and it is rich and yummy and full of good protein. It's great.

An old boyfriend used to make me pancakes with a fried egg on top. At the beginning that seemed strange to me but I grew to love it, and now I'm down with putting a fried egg on top of just about anything.


You might want to try first cracking the eggs in a bowl, and then just sliding them into the pan. They'll go in gently and won't spread as much.

As for the flipping, make sure to use enough butter or olive oil prior to cooking. Then flip at the moment the eggs set. It's requires a delicate balance, but then again, so does making really good scrambled eggs. But isn't it worth it?


If you like fried bananas, you should try my favorite breakfast: heat brown sugar in butter, then fry a sliced banana in the mix. Add a long splash of rum, then ignite. When the flames die, serve over ice cream, maybe with oatmeal. Hmm, I think there's a name for this...

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