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But what if the main reason you want to go to the party is that you think everyone else will be there? Then you're not buying the dress because you really want it, but because you think you need something to wear to the party.

Sure, there are lots of beautiful dresses out there. But you want the one that fits you; the one that reflects your style and makes you look good. You want the one that looks like it was made for you, sister. Say you're a low-key, down-to-earth girl and, under pressure, you decide on a beautiful emerald, empire-waisted dress with some strappy gold sandals because you've seen it in magazines and think it looks pretty (on others). You figure, "what the hell." So you go to the party in the dress and drink and laugh and everyone compliments you, but when you go to the bathroom and see yourself in the mirror, you can't quite shake the feeling that you're in someone else's dress.

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