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Can't forget this one: your home is a place where former law students can sit at a table, each with his or her own can of play-doh, and make random objects and sculptures that start with a specific letter of the alphabet someone chooses.

That was fun as hell.


Two words: charge admission.

emily mann

I wanna come over to your house!


Turboglacier has a good idea there. You could call it S.'s house of transformation" or some such thing. I wonder if any businesses have been born yet out of blogging?


"I don't know how to use my power, or even what it's for." Eventually, the answer to this question will find you. If you care about answering this question, the answer is likely to find you sooner. BTW, it sounds like you'd make an excellent teacher.


Sounds like you're a Community Leader already. Don't let yourself be pushed into a commitment you don't want; I think you're already a walking (and housing) service to your community.

Sometimes when you decide "OK, this is what my Activity is," you start losing the sense of being open to providing help to whoever or whatever comes along. I think organized volunteering is necessary more for people who otherwise wouldn't have it happen at all and would look back at the end of a year and feel regretful, for people who are too rushed on a daily basis to have a lot of pockets of time for listening to and helping people.


You sound great. Perceptive, real and strong. I just found you by accident when I googled 'what am i for'? Because I don't know right now. I have talents, I have strengths, but I am held back by diffidence, laziness, can't take myself seriously. You sound strong and unique in what you are doing - your community is lucky to have you! Me, I have to decide whether to move forward, or give in to my 'story of unachievements' and drift with the tide. Thanks for your great post.


I just attended what is called Night of Light run by a beautiful and talented woman by the name of Gaia and she left us with this exact message "what am i for". I am absolutely fascinated that this statement or question has actually been asked before. One could say, this is who I am or one may ask who or what am I, but to ask what am I for is not a way of thinking that has struck me. I love your creating of who you are, because as you speak, you are creating more the reality of who you are and who you are becoming. What a lovely and fresh and honest and humble state you are in and a beautiful recognition that you have qualities and abilities that we possess, inherently, in a way that has been developed, so thankyou for asking that question, because without that statement coming up tonight at the end of our meditation, I would never have found you...
blessings with all that you continue to do.
with love & light

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