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Scheherazade H.

Under a shirt maybe? If it's cold here, sometimes I wear it under a turtle-neck rather than carry a sweater. And I've seen people wear two of them together (mainly in the summer when it's warm enough).


I would advise you purchase the kind with the "built in bra" (you know I'm all about the lift/perkiness). You can also make the wife beater less manly-trash (as the name suggests) by looking for more feminine styles with thinner straps, pretty designs, or colors. They can be very flattering and can be worn alone, under any type of shirt for a layered look, etc. I wear them but prefer not to call them by that ugly name...

Ms. Runner

I am a long-time fan of the wife-beater. I love getting colorful ones that are a bit longer. I highly recomend layering them under little cardigans (you can add a brooch if you want more flare), or even v-neck shirts (with a little sticking out at the v and a little sticking out at the waist line). For a classic look - you can throw them under an half-buttoned oxford, or even under a black jacket w/jeans.


i thought i was the only hardcore fan of the wifebeater. i've had this obsession with them since high school. i usually buy the men's 3pack. hanes and calvin klein are a little thicker, while the classic fruit-of-the- loom is a little thinner. i wear it alone (that is to say, without anything over it) when it's warmer, otherwise with a shirt over like other post-ers have suggested. i love wifebeaters with a pair of jeans. i bought a white sporty bra from the gap to wear under them, not a bra with cups but the other kind. i think if you buy the kind with the bra built in, it's not a wifebeater; it's a tank top or a camisole. the true wifebeater comes from the men's dept.

l. reiter

Beaters are the best! The trick, like a couple people have already said, is to buy men's (Hanes 3-pack are a favorite for most people because they're long, thick and have a good line). Old Navy also has some longer ones, Gap's and Victoria's secret's are shorter, which is good if you want to layer them for warmth, but don't want them to show.

Layering them under a shorter t-shirt actually sort of creates a waist if you're thick - an optical illusion of an hourglass figure. I love a white one layered with a grey one under a denim jacket, or a white one layered under a brightly-colored t-shirt, or even a white one layered under a filmy camisole with jeans. Here are some pictures from chat board for the style obsessed that might help you picture the possibilities.



Hey - I'm so sorry - that link I tried to post didn't work the first time. Here it is again.



With big-ass cargo pants or with tight jeans! Yeah! And cigarettes!

Ms. Feverish

I've acquired a couple myself of late. Right now, I'm layering them underneath long sleeve tshirts, or really any shirt that isn't quite long enough. I've got a cute grass green one that I like and I wear it under an orange long-sleeve tee. Like peas and carrots. :)

I also like them with a cardigan sweater...

Richard Ames

Detailed menstrual cycle instruction and casual dress fashion forum? Is this like, Girls Day? Did I not see the memo?

I understand that a health prostate feels smooth, like a freshly skinned pear, but much warmer if the subject is still alive.


Not to be rude, and I realize I'm in the minority, but I find calling those shirts "wife beaters" kind of objectionable. That said, the shirts themselves *are* great!


I have to say I agree with ms on this. it doesn't seem like a term that should be used so casually - for me i can't hear it w/out getting an image of what it really means.

not meaning to make too much of a post that is obviously fashion-oriented, not issue oriented. of course it was the quickest way to communicate just the type of shirt you were talking about. and nothing wrong with the shirts!


anyone interested in getting a "wifebeater" should start by purchasing the "not a wifebeater" tank from liveawear.org.
Not only will they help raise awareness of relationship abuse, but they will also be getting the softest tank from the hippest clothing brand, Splendid.

pat moxley

what color socks do you wear with the funky tennis shoes that look like bowling shoes? white or can you wear colored socks

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