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Scheherazade H.

I hope everything goes well tomorrow.


Peace be with you, Scheherazade. I completely sympathize with the horrors of medically necessary fasting. I once had to go without anything- even water or other liquids- for about 18 hours for a procedure involving general anesthesia. I didn't think I would make it- I'm pretty hypoglycemic and it was August and I got really dehydrated.

Be kind to yourself, and curl up with a book or a trashy magazine on the couch. Know that it will be over soon. Take this opportunity to learn more about yourself, and about the odd kinds of relationships humans have with food. Distraction, distraction distraction!!


All my best wishes that all goes well for you tomorrow.


I'm sure I'm speaking for all your left coast readers by wishing you all the best in your medical matters and that if we were in your town and actually knew you we would all offer whatever support we could. Hug {{{Sherry}}}.

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