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< begin apple bigot alert > S -- when you get an iPod, these interface issues will vanish over the horizon behind you forever. That playlist makes for a long workout!


Looks like it will work quite well. I bet you'll keep changing it, though... I keep "road-testing" new songs (OK, "mill-testing") and one of the great things about digital music players (iPod et al) is that you can continually tweak it as the songs gain (or lose) the power to motivate.

Interested to hear how "Never Tear Us Apart" works, given that it's one of those slightly-less-normal songs in 12/8 time (i.e. all triplets). I've not yet dared to hit the treadmill with a proper waltz (3/4)...


Great list! But aren't "Every time I see you falling" and "Bizarre Love Triangle" the same song?



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