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hey this is molly and i know you dont know me but i have a couple of questons the first one is how do you tell if a guy truley likes you or is just using you?the secone one is how do you tell if a guy likes you but wont tell?? the third is how do you tll if a guy likes you or not?? i know you may not be able to answer those but its worth trying buh bye


haha, that's hilarous!


ok.. i have a major problem with this guy. His name is adam, and both of us are 18, and we had been dating for 2 years, and then all of the sudden out of the blue, no warning, nothing, he broke up with me. We had set a wedding date for after graudation, and everything, I says that he hates me, and he loves this other girl( who is 13 ugh), but his actions say otherwise. I'll catch him staring at me, he'll talk about me to his friends, the other day he said he missed my kisses, and that he was crazy for doing this, but then he refuses to talk to me. He hasn't given me my stuff back, and were talkin personal items here. His brother cought him up crying one night, after him and I had a fight. I beleive in my heart that he still loves me, but why in the world won't he admit he still loves me? Why is he trying to fool himself into thinking he loves this other girl when she doesnt even have anything to do with him half the time? He hasn't even smiled since we broke up. What do you think? I don't know what to do. I still love him, and i have hope that he'll come back. He's been having serious problems at home, he is about to loose his mom, could that be the problem. should I give up? I don't know what to do with this!? i'm in need of help.

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