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Hie thee to Ben Silver:


(I wish I could recommend J. Press to a New Englander, but they don't have on-line blazer buttons.)


I would have voted for the double breasted blazer especially as that way you get more neat buttons.

Paul kennedy

You see, you really are a Hinckley type - it is in your blood! Perhaps you can put buttons on with talaria ensignia on them?
You see I am a complete stranger teasing you. but not really because I am a sailing lawyer too. And I kinda like my Blue Blazer(s)(four of them - used to be Five but the Double Breasted one got too tight (ya can't move the buttons on those like you can on the singles)

So I was googling "Hinckley Pilot" (we have one) and came across your Blog. Your Grandfather owned an older Pilot? If so, do you have any details, or know of someone who might. I am a involved with the Hinckley Pilot Association and always love to gather information about Pilots. If you have any info please drop me a line.

Thanks Paul

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I recently bought a four door 1995 Chevrolet Blazer which I am pretty happy with so far. On the side there is a tag that says LT. I have seen other Blazers like mine with an LS or nothing at all on the side. What do these things stand for and how many different Blazer sub-styles are there?

Puma Clyde

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I'm really glad that you've created your own web resource and have in fact publish your thoughts. I admire your work and feel I can refer to what you've done. A lot of people can't even imagine having such talent. I hope that you know how lucky you are. :) Good luck to you in all your objectives. :)

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