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although many people fail to understand certain things about animals, pets, or these types of issues, I think that reading articles as good as this undoubtedly is learned too much about anything you want!

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I checked out this site and kind of love it I would love for more photos of the boroughs and northern Manhattan Anyone got em?

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If someone prays for patients, you think god gives him patients, or he gives him an opportunity to be patient?

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Happiness is intrinsic, it's an internal thing

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We suspect Vera will eventually come around, although she wants to punish you a bit first.

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After this happens a few times, a person may develop a strategy for dealing with such moments of high emotion in order to try to stay calm!


I'm definitely a dog person, but I like cats too. And I agree with this article for dogs rather than cats. Cats are good companions, but a lot more independent and less outwardly loving than dogs. They're not the best therapists but good to have around nonetheless. :)

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