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I really enjoy your blog and get excited everytime that Bloglines notifies me of a new post. Keep 'em coming!


I like the frequency of your posting.


If you really wanted to have a good blog, you'd get a little gadget to put in your pocket which would administer a small electric shock whenever you mentally started a sentence with, "If I really wanted to have a good blog, I'd..."

I understand that you're looking at this from a reader's perspective, which is well and good in some contexts, but I think in this context it is not.


I would not count the "Questions to readers" among the number of essays per day. The two are very different and digest quite differently.


I like that you post frequently - it gives me something to look at when I need a study break or during class.


You could discipline yourself to write in advance and then time the postings.
eg 2/day may be 9am/9pm
3/day may be 8am, 4pm, midnight
4/day may be 8am, midday, 6pm, midnight

Two PoVs from readers:
1 - long posts are not always read
2 - too many posts and most get skimmed

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