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No, not too much - just enough, I think.

By the way, I would never compare you to the loathsome Stephanie Klein. I hate her writing, both for its overwraught style and its viscious narcissism, and after a very brief foray into her horrible blog have stayed far away. You, on the other hand, write with a clean, honest, forthright, beautifully evocative style, and your posts are a lovely part of my daily reading.



On a simpler note, Heisenberg said that there is a lower limit to how well you can know the combination of where something is and it's momentum (how fast it is going, for most purposes). If you know exactly where it is, then you have no idea where it is going (take a picture of a ball in the air, got any idea which way it is headed?); If you know exactly where it is going, you have no idea where it is (harder to illustrate).

Sui Generis

footnote: in quantum physics, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that measurement of position necessarily disturbs a particle's momentum.

Scheherazade H.

I thought it was Shroedinger (spelling?) who made the observation about the particle. There's a book about it as well... Schroedinger's Cat or something.


Actually, I thought the sunshine/rain post was excellent. No need to add to it.


I'm sorry if we pried too much. Thanks for sharing, though. I wish you much luck in this uncertain time. I know something about blogging too much about personal relationships. I think you've gone about far enough (IMHO).


In re: Schroedinger:

You can formulate answers to Schroedinger's Equation, which is the basic idea behind quantum mechanics (there are more sophisticated ways to describe it, but it gets you into philosophical, almost religious debates). The answers describe a state of 'being' for an object. Then you can describe the act of observing a particular feature of this state of being. An effect of the way that we describe this observation is that it changes our initial formulation to something else.

Here is a pretty bad analogy. I'm Mark Mcgwire. I am watching a fastball. I swing the bat and connect. I have successfully measured the location of the fastball by putting the bat on it. But, by measuring it, I have knocked it asunder and probably couldn't even put it in a thousand cubic foot box at any later point in time (until the bleachers do some observation of their own). So, by 'observing' it, I have changed its state.

It starts to make more sense when you try to 'see' things that interact on scales where, say, a photon has influence.


Sheesh. I pour my heart out, and all you guys want to talk about is whether I got the reference to physics right? I'm laughing here, (at least on the outside).

Of course you're welcome to comment on whatever captures your attention.

I guess I feel a little vulnerable here, with a post like this.


Didn't want to comment too much on you for a reason. You did pour your heart out. Apart from "Wow," I can't really say much more because I will pry, pry, pry (I'm nosy like that). I'd hate myself to run headlong across the line and piss you off. Physics is otherwise pretty safe.

Remember, I like your blog because you are the gregarious stranger in the cafe. I don't want you to pick up your coffee and move to another table.

I can understand how you feel when going someplace harks back to a different time and place in your life. I regard myself as having lived in two distinct places prior to settling in New Jersey. I basically grew up in Maryland and I spent several years in Arizona.

When I go to those places to see the important people from my life then, I get a little out of sorts. I'm not that person any more and don't really want to do the things that I did when I was there.

When I am in Tucson, I don't want to have dinner at Frog and Firkin, I don't want to have drinks at Maloney's, and I don't want to race home so I can watch Seinfeld re-runs. But those are the things that I feel like I should be doing when I am there, and it is UNCOMFORTABLE to be drawn back into those ruts.

I would be much happier if I could see my Tucson people somewhere other than Tucson. I think that I know how you feel when you make that drive.

Please don't become Stephanie Klein. Reading her blog is like talking to a 13 years-old girl who believes that everything she says is insightful and worth hearing. Frankly, it's a bore.


Stephanie Klein thinks she is Carrie Bradshaw.

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