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"It came down to this -- I realized that starting a law firm would be financially unstable and risky, terrifying, and bucketloads of work. And, ultimately, if I succeeded, my reward would be the responsibilites and obligations of running a successful law firm -- never an aspiration of mine."

I've been there and made the opposite choice, to my great regret.

And, while I've written some magazine articles and even started a book, law keeps me from doing much of that. There isn't time. That's something that those who do not practice law do not realize. It really is a full time job. It takes away all your time, and takes all your effort.

You've made the right decision.

Rosa (Pena) Frazier

You only have one life--follow your dream. The only failures come from not being true to yourself and constantly disappointing yourself because you are pretending to be fulfilled by a career. I am living vicariously through you, so don't disappoint! ;)


Christopher Bailey

I have come to appreciate and admire the honesty you bring to your writing. It's through you and a few other pioneer law bloggers that I've come to see the legal profession for the good work that usually doesn't get mentioned.

Here's the brilliant truth that put a knowing smile on my face:
"I have no idea what I'm doing. It's still almost too scary to talk about."

Yep. It's the folks who think they do know what they're doing all the time who are deluding themselves. We don't get a manual when we pop out of the womb for this experience called life. Each of us gets the privilege of making it up as we go. Keep living the dream.


Hooray for you! I don't think you would have posted this unless you really thought you were doing the right thing, which must mean that you are doing the right thing. Any choice would carry it's risks, and I think you wisely opted for the one that your gut told you was the best one for you. Good luck.


Good luck! I bet you won't regret your decision, however it turns out. (And it means you won't have to take down this post, which the lawyer in you, not the writer, "reserved the right" to do.)





This post makes me want to, simultaneously, turn cartwheels, clap, and say "yayayayayayay!" loudly, AND cry (but that's my own baggage). Nicely done, well-reasoned, and - damn, I applaud your courage.

david yen

This is coming from a bankruptcy practioner who is in a different place from you in almost all respects -- age (older), location (Midwest), practice setting (not small private practice). I checked out your blog because I wondered what in the world a bankruptcy lawyer's blog would be. I've stayed because you write well about many other things, and I will continue to drop in even if your blog is no longer the best bankruptcy lawyer's blog out there.

Still, I hope that there is plenty of contract work in the bankruptcy area in your future for the next couple of years. There are plenty of interesting things to write about and it would be nice to have your observations about how changes -- in laws and attitudes -- play out.


As a reader/lurker, I'm glad you have decided to follow your interest in writing.

This blog is one of my favorites to read and I think you have a very good writing style. I look forward to seeing one of your magazine articles or perhaps buying your book when the time comes.

the Light

You are my hero. This is exactly, but exactly, what I would like to do someday. My budding little blog isn't nearly as nice as this one... but hopefully someday I'll have enough writing practice under my belt so that I can strike out in search of the real dream. Of course it must be nice to have a firm job to back you up... instead of legal unemployment. [Sigh] In the immortal words of Sting, I'll be watching you.

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