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This makes me wonder what inspired your question about the origins of shame. Did you get any grief from your friends about it?

For me, Elts-related shame struck when I got caught singing along to "Benny and the Jets" by the dude in the next car at a stoplight.

the Light

Hey, "Someone Save My Life Tonight" is a beautiful song...! (sob, hiccup.)


This is one of my favorite S&M songs, Scheherazade. You nearly had me roped and tied.


Hey, I LOVE that song!

There is nothing cringey or shameful about that song--sing it loud and proud!!

Sherri W.

Well, I've just reached the J's within my Annual Alphabetic CD Crawl, so that song should be warbling from my office CD player later this afternoon. Maybe not my 100% fave of Elton's songs, but it's up there on the the list!

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