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The green one's not really obviously a bridesmaid dress, but the pink is. Women wear sleeves like those only in the name of friendship.


DON'T be sorry about the rant below!


I think I wore that fuschia one at my cousin's wedding back in 1989.

It's got a butt bow, doesn't it?

It went well with my big teased up 80s hair.


The butt bow! the butt bow!


Lovely! I must put in a plug for Deirdre Flint's bridesmaid dress song, one of her best. I'm sure Sherry and many of her readers will identify with it.

emma goldman

Okay, not only have I made concerted efforts to avoid becoming Bridezilla, I am not having any bridespeople--and, therefore, there will be no bridesmaids' dresses. I have two unofficial bridespeople, who are basically two friends who occasionally shlep along with me for a WRE (wedding-related errand) of some kind, and then we go drink beer. Is it wrong of me to try to come up with WREs that can be performed near places/at times that coincide with ideal beer-drinking places/times?

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