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Yeah - I've been deleting e-mails for 24 hours and waiting for everyone to figure out that they're already added to the list. I can't wait to see the "improvement." One inclusion requirement can't be "lawyers recently admitted" because I'm sitting for the bar in July, but I have been a student Maine Bar Association member.

(Way) Beyond the Line

I am also a victim of the MBA spam attach.


Ah, yes. I was signed up for an email list in 1999 by a friend from college. He assumed that since we both were blond, sailors, Ivy-leaguers, and named Scott, that surely we must agree on political issues as well. Had he only notified me that _he_ was the one who created the list, I might have bit my tongue at the first manifesto/salvo but alas...

Mary Frances

What was truly hilarious was the number of people who got actively upset, decided they wanted to be unsubscribed, and sent that message to the entire list...

A giggle a day keeps the bats away.


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