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Come on. You made up the "fraculator," right?


No joke. See this page (forward crew's assignments):

The fraculator is a line that connects to the forestay downwind and pulls it tight, thereby pulling the mast forward and inverting it, which changes the shape and position of the main.


Here is my suggestion:

Get a boat with fixed, non-adjustable standing rigging. Preferably with outboard chainplates. This would eliminate at least half of your "to-do" list. Sure, you'd lose races, but think how relaxed you'd be!


I think Turb has it right. You need a Nordlandsbåt.


Hey, what exactly is a jib? I only know that word from Mr. Burns saying "Who is that man, Smithers? I like the cut of his jib."


Ever since I was 11, I've always found the words "boom vang" entertaining. They've got a fun bunch of sounds. Boom vang. Boom vang.

But "fraculator" is pretty cool too.

Now that I live in Colorado, I don't generally encounter boom vangs or fraculators.


My mast looks like a snake, looking up at it from the bottom...it curves, from the spreaders. I can fix that, but I would like to know how much tension is 'maximum' when adjusting?? I have more tension on one side, but I am afraid to tighten (or loosen) a side to match the pulling of the stays.

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