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So far, I've recommended this post to four friends, and still finding connections in it that other friends would benefit from. This is wonderful!


I'm glad you posted this excerpt from DFW's speech. It explains a few things.

Like you, I think I've worshipped intellect to a greater extent than those other things. I'm now on the verge of not worshipping money but taking it seriously. So I wonder: when you say it's been harder to walk away from the money-and-power promising path, what's been hard, exactly?


thank you so much for posting this! I highlighted it in my Oprah and then posted it up on the wall. I wanted to re-key it in and thought maybe it might be somewhere online.

You rock.

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Well, I would join an online church if they showed me how to break bread...not by clicking on an icon...and drinking the wine by splashng a word powerpoint animation...Is the church so perceuted to the point that we are resorting to fellowshiping by twitting and worshiping on line. I just hope the apostle paul didn't just turn in his grave after hearing that. If he were to write to my generation of christians i hope he wouldnt begin it the way he started the third chapter of Galatians....Oh Foolish Galatians!Who has bewitched you....


I agree with this. Yeah, it will. Eat you alive, that is. I think most of us realize this at some point or another. And those of us who already have are giggling behind our hands when our atheist friends wonder why all these intellectual people believe in some form of God.

Wonder why it eats us...?

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