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Contrary to your sense of clumsiness, I think you have made a "Discussion" (the capital "D" is important) and as we chatted about a while ago, are heading in the right direction. My Decision not to practice was, I am convinced, on the the smarter of my professional career...I am certain you will find this to be true as well. I think you are entitled to the occasional ego-stroke, and to that end will state again just how much we both love your writing style, flow and voice. Personally, I would love to see the semi-autobiographical tale of the Barbies' years at Yale (to be followed, of course, by the Barbies' adventures at law school)...but that is just my opinion (though I do think it would run rings around the Nanny Diaries and/or Bridget). I/we truly look forward to seeing where this leads you, Sherry. We are just down the lane and will support you as you need it. I look forward to asking you to sign a first edition or two at your release party.


Answer lies within the process, IMO. Right now, seems like you're going through the thrashing about, the attempts to locate the path at the entrance to the wild, overgrown forest.

I would imagine that the process of trying to find that path is difficult. But I daresay that you'll find it.


the bad news: you don't know everything. the good news: you know that you don't know everything.

the bad news: you don't quite know how to get where you aspire to be. the good news: you know that, and are willing to do the legwork to find out.

the bad news: you're not there yet. the good news: you don't have to travel alone.

sketch element

Nicely put.

Publishing is just a process like so many other things. A few years ago you didn't know how to file something in court. Take a class, read a book, ask someone in the business. You know what to do.


I can relate to that paralysis and feeling of helplessness when it comes your writing aspirations.

I'm a guy who can write an article about a fatal traffic accident at the drop of a hat, yet when I get home, all I do is stare at my blinking cursor. I've lived with that blinking cursor and that blank screen for years.

The good thing is that you're writing almost as regularly as you breath(and not drafting court motions and briefs). You have a blog that a lot of people read. While I don't think your life will ever be the basis for a made-for-Lifetime Channel movie, I think you have a compelling life story because you're a person with apparently contradictory facets.

You're a Yale graduate, a law school valedictorian and yacht club event organizer who gives lively dinner parties and sails a boat. (I can't even swim). But you freely reveal your insecurities about your writing, being intimate with others and your future. A woman, who left the security (but does it come at a price?) of a legal career to be true to herself and her life. That's a story that should be told.

Have you checked out those 'guide to getting yourself published' books?


Some of lives most frightening journies come when you know where you are at and you know where you are going, but you're unsure of the path which will take you there. You are where you are suppose to be, and you will eventually get to where you are going.


I know your post wasn't meant to about the law-- but what an interesting insight. The appeal of a legal career for many people is doubtless the clear "road map" to "success."

the light

You want fear and shame? Try going to law school so that you can foot the bill of being a writer by being a lawyer, graduating and having no job at all to speak of. Oh yeah, and losing the will to write during the lovely hazing ritual that is law school and the bar.

I'm right there with you, in a sense, although you have a lot more guts than I do, taking that big plunge out of the law and into the writing world. I'm still waiting for my break in the law world, which isn't even my dream. Isn't that sad?

We'll make it as long as we just keep writing. Sing it like Dory in Finding Nemo! "Just keep writing! Just keep writing!"

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