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Thank you so much for this post; I related to so much of what you wrote. I just graduated from law school, and am going to start working at a firm I like and respect next week. But I can't help but hear that little voice in my head that keeps saying, "You want to write more. You want to spend more time outdoors. When are you going to create a life around that, instead of fitting it in at the margins?" Yes, you are brave.

Your constant and forthcoming admissions of the truth make me want to throw caution into the wind and follow my dreams despite their possible repercussions.... Thank you :)


Hurrah and congratulations! I love your writing and your blog and it's nice to hear that its author is happy and well.


Thank you so much for this beautiful post. You have inspired me to become braver in my daily life.


I'm no lawyer, I work a nine to five, dibble and dabble into my art, beginning guitar lesson's and long to make a living thru those things (my passions). I'm an aquarius which makes me naturally need to work outdoors,
but I've settled for a comfort zone which is literally killing me dead. I appreciate your writing. Its nice to know others are dealing with the same inner struggles with life.


hi, its the same that occurs wid me...ur blog is very g ud..can u tell me wats the difference between constructive ideas and instinct driven ideas which happen to make a mood on a particular moment.. do mail me back

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