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I prosecuted UNTIL I was 27. My office was half-and-half men & women. "Prosecuties" are becoming the norm all over. For some reason, District Attorneys prefer to have young, good-looking female assistants rather than young, ugly female assistants. The reason so many prosecutors are young is because the pay is crap and it's a good resume-building job.


I was a prosecutor here in New England from age 26 until age 31 (1997 -2002). In my first office, my boss was a man and the other 5 prosecutors were women. In my second prosecutorial job, the entire office was female.

My anecdotal observation is that prosecutors and public defenders are mostly women, especially at the junior ranks. Private defense attorneys on the other hand are often male. They tend to be older because criminal lawyers often don't go into private practice until after they have gotten experience as prosecutors or public defenders.

The prosecutors you saw were young because only the most junior prosecutors work in the district court. More seasoned prosecutors have graduated to Superior Court jury trials, or perhaps appellate work. On the other hand, even very experienced private defense attorneys are likely to take any paying client regardless of whether it's a high stakes case or a minor District Court matter. In my state, you see some of the most famous, most experienced veteran defense attorneys handling piddly cases in district court.

On the whole, it seems as though there are many more women in criminal litigation than civil litigation. It was quite a shock to my system when I switched over to civil and found myself often the only woman at a deposition or a chambers conference. While there are a high number of senior women in my state's AG's office, there does not seem to be a corresponding percentage of senior female litigators in private practice. I don't know why that should be -- I have heard theories that government work is kinder to women trying to balance career and family, and that women are socialized to prefer public interest positions over pure money making positions with private firms. (I like to justify my decision to seek out big bucks in private practice as a feminist act!)

One last observation: I remember prosecuting a man who regularly beat up his girlfriend. At one particular bench conference, I realized that the judge, public defender, probation officer, and I were all women. I took some degree of grim pleasure in the fact that a group of powerful women were deciding the fate of this woman-hating bully.

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