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The Sardonic Lawyer

It could just be that the grass hasn't taken over the maximum rootspace available, so the blades of grass where the hedge used to be have less competition with their neighbors, meaning faster growth. It could also have something to do with any special fertilizers, etc. you may have used on the hedge in the past. I don't know much about lawn care up where you are, but to help with uniformity in the spring you may wish to consider fertilizing your entire lawn and aerating your lawn, either by doing it yourself or hiring someone.


you may also have a species of grass that needs more light or more shade, so that you have some grass that is getting what it needs while your other grass isn't. try sand in the bald spots and the grass will fill it in. eventually, by fertilizing and with weed management, the grass should become more uniform. aeration is really helpful, but it's a pain. take SL's advice and hire somebody.

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