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Wow, that's great. I agree -- it makes a difference. My boyfriend works in a creative field and early on in the relationship he headed out for a big meeting, dressed in a t-shirt and some slouchy pants, the usual work attire. When my lawyerly self asked "don't you have a big meeting?" he replied "yeah, but if I wear a suit I look like them, and they the wonder why they pay me to do something it looks like maybe they could do."

What ever you wear you will be fine (except maybe for the life jacket while you're in the departmental offices). You're in a field where you can dress comfortably (athletic gear). Enjoy. It's one of the perks about being in the athletic department.

You probably could wear a suit. However, would your athletes have much confidence in you as a sailor/coach if you did?


It's odd how clothes impact how others view us.

As I posted on thread you mention, I've gotten an unusual look at that as I split more than one occupation.

On odd occasion, I'll do both jobs in one day, such that I'll come in from some agricultural activity, and not change clothes. It always causes people to comment, even though they know me. If people who only know me as a lawyer, or from the office, run into me on a day I'm only working ag, they really comment. They almost seem to think I'm in a costume.

On the other hand, people who do not normally see you as a lawyer, are surprised when you are dressed like one, or even uneasy about it.


How do people dress for competitive athletic events? I always was amused at college basketball games to see our coach running along the sidelines, sweating through his three piece suit, while Coach K (if it was Duke kicking our ass in that particular game) just stood cool and collected with his arms folded as though he'd walked out of GQ.

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