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Unrelated. I thought you'd find this piece about Hobart & William Smith College's sailing team of interest:


Is this supposed to be a "note to self," or are readers actually supposed to be interested in reading about what you wear in the rain? Is your next post going to be on how to wash your hands thoroughly and efficiently?


My anonymous friend 1: thanks for the article. H/WS is a top sailing team, for sure, and Scott Ikle has done a great job building it.

My anonymous friend 2: If I stopped to think about what might make you happy, or be titillating or fascinating to the widest audience, my writing would be forced and self-conscious. It's all I can do not to be that way anyway, when I'm writing what is already in my head.

Essentially, everything I write (except maybe the All Requests) is a "note to self." You're seeing on this weblog the places my attention goes. Sometimes it's on pretty banal stuff. But if I didn't let myself write what I was thinking about and instead worried about being exciting all the time, or coming across as a particular kind of person, well, I'd either never write or a lot of it would be dreck. I know you think a lot of it is dreck now. There would be even more dreck, is what I'm saying.

Your comments always make me doubt myself, which is good for me. But I'm trying to be honest here about my ordinary daily life. If you want honesty, I ask you to accept the fact that sometimes what I'm thinking about won't interest you. Maybe that makes me inconsiderate, but only if the premise is that I'm selecting everything I say here with the purpose of fascinating a particular kind of reader. I'm not.

(You have an open invitation to spend a weekend with me on a motorboat, though, and I suspect after a day like yesterday, with a forecast for a day like today, you might have read the post with greater attention.)


A fascinating post, Scheherazade. I fish and climb in cold rain quite a bit, and footwear is always an issue. I know I'm well dressed on bad days when, afterwards, I realize that I haven't thought about being cold or wet. Many thanks.


It seems that anonymous #2 is telling us as much about themselves with a comment such as posted.

Obviously that person does not deal with challenging outside conditions or their interest would certainly have been piqued.

I found myself clicking through to check out the gear that you described. Much of it is very familiar from watching sailors over the years and doing some outside winter sports. But the way any of it is combined is always an inexact science of trial and error....as you have articulated.

After the last tooo many days of this rainy weather, it's surprising it's not relevant to all!


I don't even deal with challenging outdoor conditions, at least not on a voluntary basis, and I still found this interesting. The rain in New York has stopped for now, but the wind is still sneaking through the various chinks in the building and its windows, and I know that the rain will be back. With that in mind, it's good to know about the relative virtues of warmer wet feet versus cooler dry ones.

What do you recommend for normal (not on a boat) footwear that will be waterproof? It seems like every other female in NY wears plasticky boots in bright colors, which I'd be happy to wear if I knew they worked.


Fascinating post. Maybe only other sailors, or participants in other wet, cold outdoor activities, would understand how we all obsess about what to wear in any given weather conditions. And, of course, the more we accumulate different clothes, boots, gloves for various combinations of temperature, wind and wetness the more difficult it is to choose what we will need each day.

The commenter who grumbled is failing to appreciate your gift for making the commonplace interesting. From sandpaper to blazer buttons to bugs, you have that gift.

Keep it coming.


Why not bean boots for the boat? For above-freezing rainy activities where I'm not moving around much, I wear mine with a felt insole that has a good arch support, and bulky synthetic sox (like wool hiking sox but I think the synthetic wears better). The rubber bottom/leather top combo works well.

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